Friday, January 22, 2010

My Dad Writes Rubbish, Part 2

My daughter Gaby has yawned through most of this book-release excitement.

Today, she made a $10 wager that her book would outsell mine. I reminded the girl I have a pretty good head start. Mainly, I actually have a book.

While a major New York publisher is mildly interested in the manuscript of her psychologicial horror novel, CYANIDE SMILE, and in fact while an executive at said publisher took a lunch meeting with young Gaby to serve up a few plot tweak suggestions, and in fact said, "This is very good, period; not 'good for a 14 year old' but just plain good," and furthermore went on to say a veteran editor may take a good hard look at the pages of CYANIDE SMILE if the changes were made, Gaby has no book deal yet. My daughter is pretty confident. She offered her pinky, and the bet was made.

Suffice it to say, Gaby the aspiring writer hasn't been overly impressed about the publication of her dad's book, outside of lighting up in seeing her name in the Acknowledgements, and thoroughly enjoying my own stories in the back of the book, especially "Wardrobe Malfunctions."

However, we reached a turning point today. When Gaby found out The Weekend Starts on Wednesday is on sale directly below the Dexter DVD on the Showtime Store's web site, she was PSYCHED. All smiles. Wants a screen shot. Her dad is now officially a cool author, thanks to a fictional serial killer.

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