Thursday, April 1, 2010

The book, The Beatles, and more in my interview with PR WEEK

In PR WEEK, our humble author manages to plug a friend’s web site, a Beatles song, the book of course, and kiss major boss butt in a few short lines.


Habits: Andrew Giangola, NASCAR, director of business comms

April 01, 2010

Morning ritual: Banter with my wife about the fiscal recklessness of patronizing Starbucks, not our own coffee machine. I then proceed to take the dog to Starbucks.

Required reading: The New York Times, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today (dead tree versions). I also make sure to check out NASCAR Scene Daily, NASCAR.COM, the Drudge Report, the PRWeek Breakfast Briefing, and

First PR job: I was a PR manager for Pepsi-Cola.

Proudest career achievement: The publishing of my book, The Weekend Starts on Wednesday: True Stories of Remarkable NASCAR Fans.

Favorite city to travel to for business: Talladega, AL. To a New Yorker, this always feels like a trip to Mars. I mean that in the most positive way, of course.

Most regrettable career moment: Remaining on the telephone and going off message to tell the Associated Press that a new Pepsi spot with Magic Johnson, who had tested positive for HIV several months earlier, was “not on the front burner.”

Most distinct aspect of your personal office: It has a striking resemblance to a locale for the A&E television show Hoarders.

Best career advice you've ever given: Find a job reflecting your fiery passion(s).

The first person you would call in a crisis:
Ken Ross, VP of corporate communications at Netflix. He is a wise friend who is battle-tested. He spun it when Pepsi set Michael Jackson's hair on fire.

Mentor: Jim Hunter, VP of corporate communications at NASCAR. He shows that you can never go wrong in being direct, honest, plain-spoken, and true to yourself.

Ideal job, if not in PR: Paperback writer.

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  1. I like the quip on career advice. True statement. If the 40 or so hours at work stinks, guaranteed the other 128 left in the week won' be much better. Follow your passion.