Tuesday, July 27, 2010


From time to time, we see examples of over-the-top fan devotion.

Judy Barr, a huge Tony Stewart fan from South Carolina, wrote this letter to Gillette, explaining a very peculiar situation related to racing and shaving and goose bumps and prickles…well, let’s just let Judy explain it.

Here’s her letter to the NASCAR sponsor and maker of a razor Judy uses often with frustrating results:

July 27, 2010

I have a “prickle problem” caused by goose bumps popping up on my legs when I watch NASCAR races. Can you help me?

You see. When shaving my legs, I use a Gillette Fusion razor because it is endorsed by my favorite sport/drivers (and the NASCAR logo on the handle is pretty cool). The problem I have is: the Gillette Fusion is not prickle proof. And I can't stop watching NASCAR. I'm in a prickle, you could say.

I can’t help being prickle prone. They come because of the goosebumps I suffer when exposed to any kind of NASCAR coverage. I cannot dreprive myself of NASCAR and since this isn't France, I certainly must shave. I have learned that I cannot shave my legs on race day simply because it is a waste of time. The prickles will percolate.

This past Sunday, is a perfect example of powerfully preposterous prickles. I shaved my legs prior to getting ready to go to work, believing I would be okay until the fly over or when the green flag dropped, since I would have limited access to NASCAR while at work. When I got out of the shower, I had a Twitter message on my phone from a spotter telling his followers to turn on ESPNU. I did as told and watched as one of my NASCAR driver favorites was elk hunting. I was fine with him shooting the elk right there on TV; I was not prepared for the NASCAR coverage that followed. I had nothing but goosebumps; the goosebumps led to prickles on my legs not even 15 minutes AFTER getting out of the shower.

Come on! This is driving me to the point that I do not want to shave my legs, especially on race day.

Is there anything out there that is prickle proof? (I have searched long and hard to find a prickle- proof razor and have come up short.) Will the fine folks at Gillette please help me find the razor to beat all razors on race day?

I am out of options and would appreciate your feedback on how to attain a Prickle Free Race Day. I feel if you are able to assist with "5 o'clock shadow," my prickle problem should be easy to fix as well.

(Unfortunately goosebumps cannot be controlled, and I refuse to live in a world without NASCAR.)

I thoroughly enjoy the Gillette Young Guns and Gillette Fusion commercials. It is because of these commercials that I have searched you out to assist me with my Prickle Problem.

If you have any solutions to my NASCAR - Gillette Fusion problem, or would like for me to test drive new options for a better prickle-proof razor, please feel free to contact me directly.

Sincerely yours,

Judy Barr