Friday, June 13, 2014

On the Bridge

Beautiful sight on The Williamsburg Bridge this evening:  A young man proposing to his girlfriend. She accepted.
Now, I am generally the first person to violate the privacy of any individual in this city doing something out of the ordinary by whipping out the iPhone and posting the video on social media. Hey, public acts are fair game.
But this was too sublime, too deeply personal, too untouchably special.  It was their moment and theirs only.  
Capturing this would have gotten massive likes and shares, but I could not encroach. And, of course, as the couple will tell the story, many, many times in the coming years and decades, of a profoundly intimate moment of commitment over the murky East River on the romantic old foggy bridge, as much as I seek immortality on a daily basis, I did not want to be the part of the oft-repeated tale that goes, "...and then we see this creepy man in a tan pinstripe suit and red pumas taking out his camera phone and starting to film us."